About Pandora Box Events

An year ago from March 30th, my husband and I were planning a quinceanera for our youngest.  By that time I was going to college getting ready  the finals that were around the corner and working 30 hours per week and ".sometimes been a mom, wife and housewife" I could not help a bit to my husband, so he decided he will do it by himself. So he tried to find all what we need it for the quinceanera, taking him a lot of time and also fighting with prices. 

After done the quinceanera I felt that have to have an  easy way to be solved this so´popular and  traditional  celebrattion the Sweet Sixteen or in our Spanish language, quinceanera o quince años.

I decided to open our business. Took just a month to set up everything and money? Only $250. The name for the Business Pandora Box Events, a name that I was holding for when I had the opportunity to have one.
One year passed and without any events. Until on February a father called me if I still I have my business and that was the big push to start all over again.
Because I wouldn' t be able to do everything by myself I had to find an associate, and after so many NOsfrom her and so many prayers finally my adorable friend Susana Marengo said "I m in!"
We are a wonderful team, with the same expectation, to help  everyone  as  my husband  and I needed once this help.